Oswyn's Infinite Book of Maps

Containing Oswyn’s memories of his every travel, this crumbling book holds a map of every location that exists and some that do not.


Wondrous Item

Property: If you consult the Infinite Book before foraging, you take +2 to the Nature check and it takes half the time it normally would.

Power (Daily): Standard Action. You flip the book open to a random page and find that the map on that page shows your exact location and the surrounding area. The map does not contain precise detail, but it does show the following features:
  • Landmarks such as mountains and lakes
  • Structure important to travel, such as bridges and portals
  • Major obstacles such as walls, canyons and bogs The map is always current (it will never show locations that no longer exist).
Goals of the Infinite Book
  • Explore as many planes as possible
  • Prove it’s superiority to Oswyn’s other items
  • Point out shortcomings in its wielder, so that they may improve themselves
  • Share knowledge whenever possible

CONCORDANCE Starting score 5
Owner gains a level +1d10
Owner enters a plane for the first time +2
Owner makes a successful Arcana check +2
Owner makes a successful Nature or Religion check +1
Owner lets someone else provide information using Arcana, Nature, or Religion without attempting it themselves -1 Owner stays on the same plane for more than 24 hours -1

Pleased (16-20) “Oh my! This plane is so interesting, you’d almost think I haven’t seen it before. Good choice at that last portal.”
The book and it’s owner have taken on the tone of a road trip movie. When the book’s daily power is used, it also annotates the map with a path to its owner’s current goal, as the book sees it. It will also, once per day as part of its normal daily use, provide its user a detailed map of an area of the owner’s choice.

Satisfied (12-25) “Ah, the feel of astral wind in your pages and the tingle on your binding when you pass through a portal. A book could get used to this.”
The owner has at least brought the book to a few interesting places, and it returns the favor. When the book’s daily power is used, it also notes on the map the locations of any great threats to its owner, as well as locations that might be advantageous. It provides only basic information on these locations, wishing to enjoy the adventure that will come from exploring them.

Normal (5-11) “Well, let’s get moving. I may be immortal but this plane is already boring me.”
The book is tired of its current location and unsure of it’s owner’s desire to explore.

Unsatisfied (1-4) “Normal gravity, hospitable environment, no horrible creatures. You call this an adventure?”
Without new places to explore and strange things to experience, the book has taken issue with it’s owner. The book is still usable as normal, but will also once per day drop a page with directions to the owner, so that whoever finds it may follow the owner and make things interesting.

Angered (0 or lower) The book’s daily power stops working.

Oswyn's Infinite Book of Maps

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