Oswyn's Artifacts

Session 2 - Sailing Away

The ship hits the fan

Some crafty negotiating at Belthar and Sons got the party the use of The Astral Mistress, the fastest ship in Belthar and Sons’ fleet. Unfortunately they had to make due with the available crew.

As the ship was hauled to the portal into the astral sea, githyanki raiders attacked from their ship, leaping between the relative gravity of the ship’s decks. The party managed to beat back their assault, but the attacking captain managed to put the astral portal a little off course, dropping the Astral Mistress into the plane right above an astral storm that a kraken had been hiding in.

The battle with the kraken’s tentacles claimed many of the crew, leaving only a skeleton crew to pilot the Mistress. The ship limped away from the wounded kraken, just catching a glance of it through the shifting clouds of the astral storm.

XP: 2,500 each



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